Coffee shop design number 3 well on the way! by Sara Morrison

Well it wasn’t what I set out to do but I throughly enjoy designing for commercial clients, its such an interesting process delving deep into the business model to understand how the business will functio to then create a practical design which works whilst still standing out against the competition all within budget of course. Its not an easy task but great fun and very rewarding. My son is super proud of me and whenever we go into one of the coiffeshops I have to ask him not to say ‘my mum designed this….’ very sweet!

Anyway I was going to post the 3d visual of the design which is well underway but the clients would rather it was kept secret until its completed. So watch this space……..


A commercial transformation, how we went about it.......... by Sara Morrison

Jhampoll & Veronica one year on @ The Colombian Company, Bath.

Jhampoll & Veronica one year on @ The Colombian Company, Bath.

The Colombian Company, Bath

This post has been a long time coming, as Jhampoll and Veronica owners at the Colombian Company have already celebrated their 1st birthday. But fingers crossed number 2’s in the pipeline! which means now is the perfect time to reflect on the design & how it came about.

As with all clients we start by developing a very detailed brief, which always involves a heck of a lot of questions & consideration into every aspect of the business model. In fact Veronica jokingly said “ OMG, that was like a university exam! The pressure!”

When it came to the look, JP & Veronica were open to suggestions “as long as its cool.” However they were very clear about how they wanted the Colombian Company coffee shop to feel. “Relaxed, welcoming & warm whilst showing the British Public the best that Colombia has to offer.”

Jhampoll grew up in the “Coffee Triangle” of Colombia a beautiful lush region of central Colombia with rural farms & rustic charms where he now proudly sources his ethically sustainable coffee beans. This was the starting point for the initial design, leading us to focus on sustainable timber, contrasted with contemporary black Valchromat set against lush greenery.

Visual of the design scheme using raw edged timber, rough sawn timber, black valchromat & green accents.

Visual of the design scheme using raw edged timber, rough sawn timber, black valchromat & green accents.

The Layout

The small space required a large counter area, plenty of storage/product display & seating for as many as we could squeeze in.

Easy peesy, we got this!

We also had to take into consideration the slightly tight budget (isn’t it always) & the fact that we would have just two weeks to implement the design.

Timber was cut locally to make bespoke tables, a window display & the raw edge counter top.

In this small space there are three different types of lighting which was critical to create warmth adding to a cosy vibe. We specifically placed wall lights from Cult Furniture within the constructed wooden wall knowing this would emphasise the glow from the lights, ‘warm’ tungsten bulbs were carefully selected to ensure the balance was just right.

The Colombian Company Bath - all finished.

The Colombian Company Bath - all finished.

Styling involved a last minute dash to Ikea with an express cushion order from H&M home. Artwork was created using coffee beans (which made a big brown mess but left a pleasant lingering smell in my office for weeks) personal images were framed & also used to make a clock.

I am very pleased with this design, Its such a welcoming & cosy space which is of course helped by the hospitality of the lovely owners, the delicious coffee & cake. Please let us know if you have visited, whether you have spotted my coffee bean artwork and what you think.

Right now, how do we go about designing number 2, hmmm……………………………………Please stay tuned! x

Me getting a coffee!

Me getting a coffee!

We won an award! Interior Designer of the Year 2018 - South West England. by Sara Morrison

Oh look we won an award. Build awarded us Interior Designer of the Year 2018 for the South West England.

The Build Awards are dedicated to uncovering and rewarding the very best in technical innovation, design and service from across the worldwide construction and property industries.

Build awards are held throughout the year and address all sectors and areas. There's an award category for everybody, recognising all levels, from architects and suppliers to top-level CEOs, and thanks to our rigorous research and judging processes, we guarantee that only the most deserving firms and individuals will be successful in winning one of our prestigious awards!

Thank you Build that’s much appreciated.

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 14.07.14.png

2019 Tile Trends: The Experts Predict What’s Next! by Sara Morrison

We are delighted to see our opinion included in a blog post written by @swoonworthyblog for @tilemountainuk looking at tile trends for 2019. If you are planning a bathroom or kitchen project and feeling overwhelmed by the immense choice that’s out there, do check out this post which is very informative. You can click on the link below or see the full article in The press section.

This was our prediction:

" A trend which has already been around this year but I think will be embraced fully in 2019 is ‘mix not match’ – I think we will see more homes using tiles in an eclectic way, mixing materials, colours, patterns, textures, shapes and sizes" ~ Sara Morrison, Interiors Family

Any thoughts or predictions, we’d love to hear them.